Moving is never easy. It takes a physical, financial and emotional toll. For many, the prospect of a new home is exciting, but if they had their choice, they would skip the planning, packing and moving part. Believe it or not, there are ways to make moving less stressful. Follow just a few of the following tips and watch your move transform from dreadful to smooth.

*When you are packing, make sure you put the heaviest items on the bottom of the box, followed by lighter items and finally the lightest items on top. This may seem intuitive, but very frequently, people ignore this tip and just put items in boxes without a plan. Placement of items is critical. Also, put a layer of crushed paper at the bottom before you start filling the box. This will provide an extra layer of protection.

*When you are packing china or other breakables using tissue paper, use different colors to wrap very small items that may get lost in a sea of white tissue paper. Salt and pepper shakers, small ceramic decorations or anything you want to be able to find easily among other fragile collectibles.

*Do not pack electrical cords loose in a box. If you take the time to wrap them up and secure them tightly before putting them in a box, you will rejoice when it’s time to unpack and use them in your new home. Also, if you had to take anything apart before packing it, make sure all the pieces are kept together, including screws and bolts.

*Pack the clothing you wear least often first. If it’s summer, pack your winter clothes first and so on. You want to pack the items you wear all the time last and keep them together and at hand. Don’t forget to label all of your boxes! That will not only make unpacking a breeze, it will also help keep you focused when you are packing a box, knowing you want to keep like items together.

*Pack your boxes firmly but don’t overstuff. You don’t want things to shift, but you also don’t want things damaged.

* Put a special mark on cartons you want to unpack first. Indicate your name and the room to which each carton should be delivered at your new home. Tape a sign on the door of each room at destination corresponding to the carton labels so movers can get the cartons into the proper rooms quickly.

*When choosing a moving company, make sure you get multiple quotes as well as references. And if a price seems too good to be true, beware, it probably is.

*When your moving company comes to your house to provide an estimate, make sure you have a list of items prepared that they will be required to move or pack. Show the moving company representative all of the items on your list. In order for the company to give you an accurate quote, they need to know exactly what they will be packing and moving.

*Moving estimates can change on moving day due to a variety of factors. Make sure to ask your moving company representative what potential circumstances may change the original quote. Communication is key, as well as managing expectations.

It may seem overwhelming, tedious and terrifying at times, but with a plan in place, your next move will go smoothly specially if you hire a reliable and professional moving company.

You can rely on Chico Moving to stay with you at every step of the process.  With decades of experience and knowledge, you are guaranteed the highest standard of quality and service, and with that, peace of mind.